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Inspect My Gadget Inspect My Gadget

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I would readily bet...

... that those vocals sound absolutely no better live than they do on this recording. What does the "D" stand for anyway? It honestly can't be anything having to do with talent or skill in singing, that is for sure. And while the premise for the song is amusing in it's own right, the lyrics are way too repetitive and juvenile to warrant much merit.

I think it absolutely hilarious, by the way, that you capitalized the word "GIRLS" in your author comments at that particular point in your rant... like you wanted to emphasize the fact that it is girls you have sex with... and not guys or animals or such. Almost like you felt we would suspect you or something. You're such a bad-ass.

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FUNKbrs responds:

I hate the American Idol style of vocals. If that means I have bad taste, then I guess I do. I don't think vocals are very important; I'm an instrumentalist.

BTW, I only fuck guys after they lose a fight with me.

Phantom Tunes #5 Phantom Tunes #5

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Too short...

But otherwise good. I like the overlapping, sustained notes in the sort-of dual melodies being played.