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Entry #6

NG Level Icon Maker V2 - BONUSES

2009-07-14 09:35:57 by smokinjoeevil

Secrets for the NG Level Icon Maker V2 revealed!!

Alright - I'm not just going to give them all away. You're still going to have to work for them at least slightly. Here's a hint for each of the 18. (many of these are give-aways anyway):

1. Lollipop - Just BROWSE.
2. WIImote - The hint is in the browser (order by User descending), it's all about key-strokes (when inside the Icon-Maker, NOT on the share site!)
3. PS3 controller - Hint is also in the broswer under the PS3 controller icon that comes up... but you need the WIImote first
4. XBOX controller - Again... hint in the browser, but you need the PS3 controller first
5. Taser - Try painting... it is quite an electrifying experience.
6. Floppy disk - Always remember to SAVE YOUR WORK... and the more backups you have, the better!
7. Light sabre - When your icon gets complicated, with too many parts, you could then use the light-sabre to trim it up a bit.
8. Chuck Norris - Make the two parts of a sword together as one.
9. Desert Eagle - Do I hear gun-shots?
10. Red hot fire poker - Where there is smoke... there's fire.
11. Spork - If you're hungry while using the Icon Maker, try several of our delicious food items!
12. Shovel - Mr. T can help you find this item in STYLE.
13. Frying pan - After you do what you need to to get the light-sabre, clear all that crap off in one fell swoop.
14. Coffee mug - Try making a poison potion.
15. Swiss Army knife - 5 categories in 5 clicks
16. RWD mascot - What do the arrow keys do again? Maybe I should check the instructions...
17. Empty NG tank - Listen to the music and love it.
18. ????? - Each step closer to the WIImote, takes you one step further from this... but, maybe if you reversed each step...


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2009-07-14 10:58:55



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2009-07-14 20:14:14

am i a dumbass or my keyboard is broken or what? the WIImote thing doesnt want to work for me!

smokinjoeevil responds:

You may be typing it faster than the frame-rate can keep up. Try with just slightly slower, deliberate strokes.


2009-07-14 20:26:07

is the sequence uuddlrlrba? if it is then im doing something REALLY wrong.

(Updated ) smokinjoeevil responds:

Yes... on the keyboard... UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, "B", "A". Works for me, and several other people that I have seen posting it... and you do this IN THE ICON MAKER... NOT on the share site.


2009-07-14 21:11:46

i dont get the wiimote the ps3 and xbox controllers and the chuck norris this really makes no sense what u say...

smokinjoeevil responds:

Well... I'm not sure how much more I can help you. For Chuck Norris... try reading the instructions. the ones about the buttons labeled 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Maybe that will clear things up on how to make things "one".

As for the key-strokes, check out the response I wrote to the guy above you. It's one of the most famous video-game cheat codes ever.


2009-07-14 22:22:52

i dont get how to get the wIImote or ?????

smokinjoeevil responds:

Check reply to post 2 above yours.


2009-07-15 10:49:30

I don't understand the hints in the browser thing. I got the wiimote with help but I'm clueless with the PS3 and Xbox controllers.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Try placing the WII controller on the icon-template and then move it around a little...


2009-07-15 11:04:30

oh, ok, i was trying to use the letter keys... -.-

(Updated ) smokinjoeevil responds:

Ahhh... gotcha.


2009-07-15 11:25:08

talking 'bout the game, I managed to create a gun-wielding, surprised, RWD Chuck Norris.


smokinjoeevil responds:

I saw that one!


2009-07-15 17:00:58

How do you get the Desert Eagle?

smokinjoeevil responds:

The UNDO button makes a gun-shot sound. You need to press it about 5 times AFTER it stops undoing things.


2009-07-15 18:14:08

i got the wiimote and ps3 controller but i cant figure out how 2 get the x box controller

smokinjoeevil responds:

You have to STYLE the PS3 controller to the frame with just the "X" button showing.


2009-07-15 18:29:38

I read how to get the Wii remote and the other controllers but i dont get it.
Can u help me plz?

smokinjoeevil responds:

I gave the answer about 6 or 7 replies up:

On the keyboard... UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, "B", "A".


2009-07-15 21:20:47

WOOHOO!!! ALL SECRETS!!!! thanks. Awesome gadget


2009-07-15 23:49:05

How do you get chuck norris?

smokinjoeevil responds:

The two parts of a sword are a hilt/handle and a blade. Place them both on the icon template. Then to make them "together as one", you have to make them into a group. Read the instructions associated with the buttons labeled 1 through 5 in order to learn how to do so.


2009-07-16 12:32:38

yay!! =3

smokinjoeevil responds:

It is quite "yay!!", isn't it?


2009-07-16 13:37:31

sorry if im being annoying but are u supposed to type it or....what?

smokinjoeevil responds:

The code "uuddlrlrba" refers to:

On the keyboard... UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, "B", "A"

So yeah... type it...


2009-07-16 14:34:15

You should see what i made

PBOX 300 With Lollipo Antenas

smokinjoeevil responds:

Wireless lollis? No way!


2009-07-16 17:58:45

This is an awesome game and an awesome guide, but I don't get the how to get shuck norris. I used the shift click thing and it didn't. The one for coffe mug doesn;t make sense, and frying pan dosen't work.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Frying pan you have to double-click the delete button to clear at least 5 items in one move.

To get the coffee mug, you have to put the potion bottle and the skull and crossbones onto the screen at the same time.

For Chuck Norris... are you SURE you applied the selected sword handle and sword blade to A GROUP BUTTON? One of the buttons labeled 1 through 5 under the rotation and size/depth controls. If you don't know how to do that... the instructions tell all.


2009-07-16 17:58:50

I just need the xbox controller and the ???? it seems to not be working for some reason. can you help? possibly be more specific?

smokinjoeevil responds:

STYLE the PS3 controller to the frame that just displays the "X" button.

And if you got the WII controller... just reverse each key:
Down = Up
Up = Down
Left = Right
Right = Left
B = A
A = B


2009-07-16 18:01:09

i haven't got it yet but is the ???? the penicorn horn?

smokinjoeevil responds:

Awe... just ruin it for everyone why don't ya! Just kidding... yes, unfortunately, it is.


2009-07-16 18:37:35

YESSS I got ???, now my greatest creation/fantasy has been made. Such a good game.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Poor Chuck!


2009-07-16 21:02:13

i went to the browser i did what u said with the keyboard and stuff. i saw ur combintation i did slowly like u said. yet it does't happen. do i click on the WIIRemote or do i just stay on the main page????

smokinjoeevil responds:

Oh man! You don't do the key combination IN the broswer... just the hint on what to do is in the broswer! You do the key combination in the actual icon-maker! Sorry about that! You must have felt like you were banging your head against the wall...


2009-07-16 21:13:24

is it wit the arrow keys or the letter keys i tried them both nothing works

smokinjoeevil responds:

You're not trying it in the icon-browser too are you?


2009-07-16 22:00:54

I found #18!!! I think I'm the first! Are there any other bonuses?

smokinjoeevil responds:

Besides the 18 listed? Unfortunately no.


2009-07-16 23:10:50

You topped the 1st on here!

smokinjoeevil responds:

I certainly tried!


2009-07-17 00:11:55

Soooo after I style the controller to the x button only do I type in the code? Cause that's not really working...

smokinjoeevil responds:

No... styling the PS3 controller to the "X" button is all you need to do (by "styling" I mean making sure "STYLE" is selected in the controls at the top, then making sure the PS3 controller is placed on-screen AND selected, then using the plus/minus buttons to scroll through the frames/STYLES of the PS3 controller until it is displaying NOTHING BUT THE "X" BUTTON). Once you've done that, the XBox controller is unlocked.


2009-07-17 02:50:05

I saw an awesome darth vader icon, i didnt even realize it was yours until later on. 5 forsure, one of my favs

smokinjoeevil responds:

Ha! Yeah... I created that a few days in. I don't know why it came to me. I think I saw someone using the black jewel circles as eyes on one of their submissions to the share site and it reminded me of Darth Vader's eyes in his mask. So I thought I'd try to create him (since I had the light-sabre in there anyway!). It came out better than I expected. He has a grenade for his mouth/grill!


2009-07-17 05:56:28

Got all of them! Though that the ????? was a little wierd. Word.

smokinjoeevil responds:

I'll agree with that. It was one of the bonuses on version 1. The "severed penicorn horn". Though I sort of went a bit too far in this one and added two new styles to it that make it the biggest cock-joke in the whole submission.


2009-07-17 07:13:49

i got all 18!!! i got 14 by myself because i was just doing random stuff.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Nice! If you don't remember what you did, hopefully the hints spurred your memory.


2009-07-17 13:07:08

Will you add more bonuses in the future??


smokinjoeevil responds:

Do a lot of submissions tend to be updated with new content? I admit it would be pretty easy for me to do this actually...


2009-07-17 15:17:58

Yay, I got them all!
Styling the ??? to black made me lol.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Finally someone saw/got the joke in there!


2009-07-17 15:41:40

ur diamond bottle is the best. ur creation of the diamond bottle is cool. it is better than mine but i put my heart and soul into my creations, like my drawings for example.


2009-07-17 17:46:20

AGAIN sory
its not working! :(
if i type it do i type it on the search box?!

(Updated ) smokinjoeevil responds:

You have to be in the icon maker... NOT the online share site/browser thingy!


2009-07-17 23:44:23


(Updated ) smokinjoeevil responds:



2009-07-17 23:48:10

Oh yea isnt uuddlrlrba the contra code?

smokinjoeevil responds:

It was used in a bunch of Konami games. But yes, made famous most of all by Contra I believe.


2009-07-17 23:49:18

nice black joke with the ?????

smokinjoeevil responds:

I tried.


2009-07-17 23:56:01

LOL *Spoiler* Penis!

smokinjoeevil responds:

Spoiled penis?? That's just sick.


2009-07-18 03:02:28

lol, i made Chuck Norris shooting lighting from his eyes. Thanks for the guide.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Chuck would be proud.


2009-07-18 09:52:42

Does getting ????? involve reversing every single clip with the Horizontal Clip Flip button?

smokinjoeevil responds:

Nope... every single key within the WIImote unlock sequence!


2009-07-18 17:29:13

I made a pretty sweet make of an android with angel and demon wings propelled by a fire with an ng skull tankman in the corner surrounded by a waffle lemon sandwich with 4 charries on top. eaten by 2 sporks. how much for artistic?

smokinjoeevil responds:



2009-07-19 09:13:21

Sorry if it's a dumb question but... How do I get the ?????, by pressing every single key I used to unluck the Wiimote reversed, I mean A B RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT DOWN DOWN UP UP or something else? Because it's the only thing i'm missing to get all the bonuses... And I tried that code a few times...

smokinjoeevil responds:

Each key is reversed... not the sequence. So, the new sequences would then be D, D, U, U, R, L, R, L, A, B


2009-07-19 12:21:28

i dont get get the Desert Eagle and Chuck Norris

smokinjoeevil responds:

Desert Eagle - click the UNDO button (that one button that makes a gun-shot sound when clicked), about 5 times after it stops undoing anything.

Chuck Norris - You have to take a sword blade and a sword hilt/handle, select them both together at the same time by holding SHIFT and clicking them, and while still holding SHIFT, click one of the buttons small labeled 1 through 5. This makes them into a "group" applied to that button. It's in the instructions how to make groups, so if you're still having trouble, read those, and make sure you have at least one sword handle, and one sword blade in the group you try to make, and it will unlock Chuck Norris.


2009-07-19 14:52:44

I had no problem understanding it.

smokinjoeevil responds:

And I thank you for that.


2009-07-19 17:50:52

i dont know how to get the xbox thing can u help me?

smokinjoeevil responds:

Style the PS3 controller to the "X" button (by "styling" I mean making sure "STYLE" is selected in the controls at the top, then making sure the PS3 controller is placed on-screen AND selected, then using the plus/minus buttons to scroll through the frames/STYLES of the PS3 controller until it is displaying NOTHING BUT THE "X" BUTTON). Once you've done that, the XBox controller is unlocked.


2009-07-19 21:13:14

I can't get the wiimote what are the b and a for in the sequence

smokinjoeevil responds:

The keys "B" and "A" on the keyboard. U = UP arrow key, D = DOWN arrow, L = LEFT arrow, R = RIGHT arrow... you have to be in the icon maker, NOT on the share site.


2009-07-20 02:56:51

well me being a kid who gets bored frequently requiers me to be a dr. lawyer detective and all those oter boring jobs so call me pi.dr wagner


2009-07-20 07:55:03

Thanks discovered em all ,btw i made with the 18 secret (>:3) a very perverted pic.... (sry 2 kitty crew for that...) :D


2009-07-22 07:32:50

I need help with Chuck Norris and the coffee mug and RWD mascot and could i please have a tip for ???? I am trying to get it.

smokinjoeevil responds:

Read all the answers to the posts above yours here on my user-page/news-post. I'm tired of repeating it all.