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So now you see that evil will always triumph, because good... is dumb.

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Secrets for the NG Level Icon Maker V2 revealed!!

Alright - I'm not just going to give them all away. You're still going to have to work for them at least slightly. Here's a hint for each of the 18. (many of these are give-aways anyway):

1. Lollipop - Just BROWSE.
2. WIImote - The hint is in the browser (order by User descending), it's all about key-strokes (when inside the Icon-Maker, NOT on the share site!)
3. PS3 controller - Hint is also in the broswer under the PS3 controller icon that comes up... but you need the WIImote first
4. XBOX controller - Again... hint in the browser, but you need the PS3 controller first
5. Taser - Try painting... it is quite an electrifying experience.
6. Floppy disk - Always remember to SAVE YOUR WORK... and the more backups you have, the better!
7. Light sabre - When your icon gets complicated, with too many parts, you could then use the light-sabre to trim it up a bit.
8. Chuck Norris - Make the two parts of a sword together as one.
9. Desert Eagle - Do I hear gun-shots?
10. Red hot fire poker - Where there is smoke... there's fire.
11. Spork - If you're hungry while using the Icon Maker, try several of our delicious food items!
12. Shovel - Mr. T can help you find this item in STYLE.
13. Frying pan - After you do what you need to to get the light-sabre, clear all that crap off in one fell swoop.
14. Coffee mug - Try making a poison potion.
15. Swiss Army knife - 5 categories in 5 clicks
16. RWD mascot - What do the arrow keys do again? Maybe I should check the instructions...
17. Empty NG tank - Listen to the music and love it.
18. ????? - Each step closer to the WIImote, takes you one step further from this... but, maybe if you reversed each step...

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Treant 5 Points

Instantly destroy the enemy to acquire it's Card

Blood Acolyte 5 Points

Instantly destroy the enemy to acquire it's Card

A Massacre 10 Points

You've saved some lives.

A Slaughter 5 Points

At least you've tried...

Fishmonger 10 Points

Defeat Psycho-Goldfish.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Zed Slayer 5 Points

Kill 100 zombies

Rank II 10 Points

Reach level 15

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Reach level 8

1976 10 Points

Read the entire first issue of 1976

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