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NG Level Icon Maker V2 - BONUSES

2009-07-14 09:35:57 by smokinjoeevil

Secrets for the NG Level Icon Maker V2 revealed!!

Alright - I'm not just going to give them all away. You're still going to have to work for them at least slightly. Here's a hint for each of the 18. (many of these are give-aways anyway):

1. Lollipop - Just BROWSE.
2. WIImote - The hint is in the browser (order by User descending), it's all about key-strokes (when inside the Icon-Maker, NOT on the share site!)
3. PS3 controller - Hint is also in the broswer under the PS3 controller icon that comes up... but you need the WIImote first
4. XBOX controller - Again... hint in the browser, but you need the PS3 controller first
5. Taser - Try painting... it is quite an electrifying experience.
6. Floppy disk - Always remember to SAVE YOUR WORK... and the more backups you have, the better!
7. Light sabre - When your icon gets complicated, with too many parts, you could then use the light-sabre to trim it up a bit.
8. Chuck Norris - Make the two parts of a sword together as one.
9. Desert Eagle - Do I hear gun-shots?
10. Red hot fire poker - Where there is smoke... there's fire.
11. Spork - If you're hungry while using the Icon Maker, try several of our delicious food items!
12. Shovel - Mr. T can help you find this item in STYLE.
13. Frying pan - After you do what you need to to get the light-sabre, clear all that crap off in one fell swoop.
14. Coffee mug - Try making a poison potion.
15. Swiss Army knife - 5 categories in 5 clicks
16. RWD mascot - What do the arrow keys do again? Maybe I should check the instructions...
17. Empty NG tank - Listen to the music and love it.
18. ????? - Each step closer to the WIImote, takes you one step further from this... but, maybe if you reversed each step...

Icon Maker Version 2

2009-07-12 11:29:39 by smokinjoeevil

I wanted to make a post showing off some of the content created by you guys, the users, and shared to the database. These are a selection of my personal faves so far... just my opinion and not linked to score applied to them, etc.

Thanks a lot to everybody who has messed around with it. Like I said in the edit, it is great seeing what everyone is creating and submitting.

Icon Maker Version 2

Well... the version 2 level icon maker is out now. I got just about everything in it I wanted to. More pieces, more unlockables, the ability to save/load works in progress, the ability to share your creations with other members via a database and some PHP scripting that saves and loads the image data, the ability to group graphics together, and copy and paste selections of objects... a better all around experience in my opinion. Everything the first one should have been.

So... go check it out and let me know what you think. Of course, it sports some selections of music from the NG Audio Portal, all the graphics from last time plus the new... and it is REALLY tough to unlock some of the secrets. At least in my opinion. And yes, that is mostly a shameless challenge to try and drive more traffic to the submission... sue me.

A screen-shot of the browser showing some of the content already submit by users:

NG Level Icon Maker Version 2 submit!

Icon Creator V2

2008-10-16 21:36:38 by smokinjoeevil

Working on it, slowly but surely. This one is going to have a ton more parts, the ability to save and load designs for continuing work later, and maybe, hopefully, the ability to submit JPEG-encoded bitmap data to a server/database and be able to share your creations and view others'.

Here's a small preview of some of the new graphical content:

Icon Creator V2

NG Level Icon Creator Just submit...

2008-08-21 11:22:13 by smokinjoeevil

Find it here.

Allows you to use a variety of objects to create custom level-icon graphics.

There is also a forum topic where some Newgrounds-ers have gotten pretty creative with the fairly meager assembly of objects that made it into the project. Find that here.


Since this has been requested by multiple people, here is the run-down on unlockables (unfortunately, there are only 7) and how to achieve them:

1. Electric Guitar - unlocked by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the Misc. category.
2. Golden folding chair - unlocked by successfully drawing with a paint.
3. SWF - unlocked by using the delete trach-can icon.
4. Mr. T - unlocked by changing size/depth control to the Depth setting.
5. Dead Kitty Krew Kat - unlocked by having used/placed 10 or more total objects.
6. Clock face - unlocked by placing both the strawberry and the crown onto the stage at the same time.
7. Severed Penicorn horn - unlocked by scrolling through all options on an item with 5 or more colors/styles.

Mocked up NG level icons...

2008-06-02 11:26:55 by smokinjoeevil

Left to right, top to bottom:

Flaming guitar
Folding chair
Pimp staff
Flanged mace
Red-hot fire poker
Frying pan
Pitch fork
Desert Eagle
... Mr. T

Mocked up NG level icons...